We have special text telephones for responding to 911 calls from hearing and speech impaired callers.


If a caller uses TTY/TDD, the caller should:

  • Stay calm, place the phone receiver in the TTY and dial 911.
  • After the call is answered, press the TTY keys several times. This may help shorten the time necessary to respond to the call.
  • Give our call taker time to connect their TTY. If necessary, press the TTY keys again. Our 911 call taker should answer and type “GA” for “Go Ahead”.
  • Tell what is needed: police, fire department, or ambulance. Give your name, phone number, and the address where help is needed.
  • Stay on the telephone if it is safe. Answer our call taker’s questions.

**If a hearing or speech impaired caller does not have a TTY/TDD, the caller should call 911 and not hang up. Not hanging up leaves the line open. The address will be displayed to our 911 call taker and help will be sent.

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