Privacy Policy

The information below explains how NRV 911 gathers information on its website and the technology used to ensure your information is private and secure. NRV 911 reserves the right to change these policies and the corresponding information on this page at any time without prior notice.

What information is collected?

For each visitor, NRV 911 collects the following information: the Internet Protocol (IP) address, type of browser used, operating system, date and time of the visit, and the addresses of the pages on this website to which you link during a visit to the NRV 911 website.

How is the collected information used?

NRV 911 uses a third party service to analyze website activity, track the number of visits and identify the most popular pages. This helps us to improve content and the value of materials available on this website. We cannot and do not associate any of this information with individual persons, distribute this information, or use it in any manner other than for statistical analysis in improving our site to better serve our visitors.

Does this website place a cookie on your computer?

Our website does not place “cookies” on public users’ computers.

What if I email NRV 911?

Any e-mail or other correspondence sent to a member of the Board, or any other public official and/or employee of NRV 911 in the transaction of public business is considered a public record, and such records are subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. This means that Virginia law generally requires NRV 911 to provide a copy of any such e-mail, upon request, for inspection and copying to any citizen of the Commonwealth or to any member of the news media unless such record is specifically exempted by the Act.

External links

NRV 911 provides links on this website that lead to resources outside the NRV 911 website. NRV 911 is not responsible for the privacy practices of the sites to which we link.

When a link on the NRV 911 website directs you to a third party’s site, NRV 911 encourages you to read that third party’s privacy statement to learn of that party’s privacy practices.

Your comments

If you have questions regarding this privacy statement, the practices of the NRV 911 website, or your interaction with the NRV 911 website, please contact us here.