NRV 911, EMS Realize Benefits of Emergency Medical Dispatch

The NRV 911 Authority launches new, Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Program, giving dispatchers the training necessary to provide lifesaving pre-arrival emergency medical instructions. 

When contacting 911, callers are now asked a series of questions by trained dispatchers in an effort to better assist with the emergency, as well as to gather and relay pertinent medical information about the emergency to first responders.

“Implementing EMD is part of our long-range plan for the NRV 911 center,” said Matt Hobson, Executive Director, NRV 911 Authority. 

“To date, we have taken in nearly 2,000 calls using the EMD protocols. This is a proven way to help callers immediately, all while the ambulance and first responders are making their way to the caller,” said Hobson. 

In November 2017, all dispatchers at the NRV 911 Authority began a 28-hour EMD training that was managed and administered by Priority Dispatch Corp. Upon completion of the training in January 2018, dispatchers were able to immediately apply their EMD skills to assist with emergencies ranging from administering CPR to assisting with labor and delivery or even assisting with wounds. 

“Really it’s about being equipped to help and care for our callers when they are in crisis,” said Amber Stump, NRV 911 Communication Training Officer. “This training helps us help callers in their time of need, giving care and information at the moment of the 911 call,” said Stump. 

Emergency responders also reap the benefits of EMD.

“Since Emergency Medical Dispatch has gone live, the Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad has seen some great benefits from this program,” said David English, Chief of Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad. 

“When we are dispatched, NRV 911 is able to give us a lot of detail on the type and severity of the emergency. This allows us to ensure we are sending the right resources to meet the needs of that patient while keeping resources and personnel that aren’t needed available for the next call. About 20 percent of our calls for service happen when the primary ambulance is already out on assignment so EMD makes a big impact on our ability to manage resources efficiently,” said English. 

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Below please find links to a video and a podcast about the Emergency Medical Dispatch program at the NRV 911 Authority. 


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