Woman Saves Husband’s Life After Dispatcher Walks Her Through the Steps of CPR

by Abigail Lefin & Cynthia Beasley | Thursday, January 10th 2019

NEW RIVER VALLEY, Va. (WSET) — A veteran communications training officer at New River Valley 911 says a recent call was a first for her.

Gina Carter and her husband were leaving the New River Valley Mall the day after Christmas when he went into cardiac arrest.

Carter called 911 and Bedwell was able to talk her through CPR compression’s over the phone until help got to them.

“I was thinking I don’t want this lady to lose her husband right at Christmas time,” said Bedwell. “She’ll remember this every year.”

Police and EMS were able to take over after they arrived Carter was taken to the hospital. 

Bedwell says this was her first time giving CPR instructions over the phone.

She went through emergency dispatch training about a year ago, and without this training she would not have been able to give medical advice for liability reasons.

Bedwell says it was a team effort between her co-worker, first responders, and the man’s wife.